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Belly Button Jewelry, Rings, Gold, Cute, Dangle, Cheap

The moment you get a navel piercing brings in a need for belly button jewelry. What looks good on you depends on your physical anatomy and what type of piercing you have. In this post, we delve into various types of navel rings including dangles, gold, cute and cheap rings. This comprehensive guide will help you pick what is suitable for you in terms of your style, finances and skin type.

Belly Button Jewelry

Belly button jewelry can be used to accent the belly button and add to the glamour of your midriff. For this to happen though, the jewelry has to be chosen with a lot of considerations in mind. This can only be achieved if you research on various materials and their effects, what you might be allergic to, your type of piercing, requirements for wearing the jewelry and what type of jewelry to wear when.

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This is cute!

To also maximize on navel jewelry, you have to always keep them clean and sterile. When you do this, you will be in a position to switch the jewelry depending on occasion once the piercing has completely healed. This leaves you to always look fashionable and have fun while at it. Below we discuss some of the jewelry you can don.

Belly button Rings

There are different types of navel rings. Studs are a small form of navel rings. Though rarely used, they consist of a straight bar with a small design on one end. This could be made of spikes or colorful stones. Some studs will at times have a decorative dangle hanging around and covering the navel. Barbells are also quite common for navel piercings. They are mostly curved and have a ball on each end. These help to hold them in place. The barbells are available in different gauge sizes that suit different piercings. These are most appropriate for deep piercing.

Captive bead rings are a full circle. They are mostly made of stainless steel and are fitted with a bead to help create tension on the jewelry. The tension is what keeps the ring captive. The balls can be customized with logos, shapes, sizes and colors to give the ring a personal touch. They could also have some pearls, diamonds or rhinestone to make them more attractive. More on navel rings is discussed later on in this post.

Hypoallergenic Belly Button jewelry

For persons with sensitive skin, this is what to opt for. These jewelry pieces are made from materials that are not likely to react on your skin as they do not contain nickel, the component responsible for most allergic reactions. These include Bioplast, titanium, 18k gold, sterling silver, acrylic and plastic.

Fake Belly Button Piercing Jewelry

For you to wear belly button jewelry, you do not have to have a belly button piercing. You can make use of fake belly button piercing jewelry to make it look like your navel is pierced. The advantage of wearing navel jewelry without piercing is that they come with less responsibility than real piercings. You can also use them to experiment different looks before deciding how you want your belly button piercing done. There are different forms of these non-piercing jewelry including clip-on rings and barbells and magnetic jewelry. You can also make fake navel piercing rings at home using simple guides found online.

When picking your belly button jewelry, it is important to pick the right size. If this is not done, the jewelry may dig into the skin to fit. When this happens, a migration of the piercing may be experienced and with time the skin may reject it. You can get most of these in different stores. At Etsy you get handcrafted jewelry. For cheap bargains look for some at Walmart.

Belly Button Rings

Belly button rings are a popular form of jewelry. They are mostly used during the summer which is the ripe time to flaunt well-toned midriffs. A lot of beauty shops have a wide selection of navel rings for sale. There are different types of these for sale in different stores. The cost of the rings differs depending on the design, material making it and point of sale. Different types of rings will be suitable for different personalities, lifestyle and age as well. Some of these are as discussed below.

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1. Non Dangle Rings

In case your lifestyle does not allow you to wear dangling rings, you can opt for non-dangles. Once worn, these tend to get fixed on the belly. They are great for everyday wear and are very comfortable. There is a great choice for these. You can choose single gem rings or those with multiple gems. There also are precious rings which could be studded with pearls, rhinestones or diamond. These can be used to add glitz to your style.

Cute Gold Elephant Dangle Ring

3. Dangle Rings

With these belly button rings, different pieces are attached to the end of one side of the ring. The dangling part gives the whole set some spark. These are great outdoor jewelry. The dangle can be of anything of your choice. You can get a tree, heart, flower, letter, heart, bowtie or shooting stars dangles among others. The list is endless.

3. Creatures

There also are belly rings with designs of animals as well as plants. You can pick from fish, wild animals such as elephants, giraffes, chameleons, butterflies or owls. These are available in different materials and you can pick what suits your budget best.

4. Plants

When it comes to belly button rings, the designers are quite creative. You can get rings with different types of plants as well as parts of a plant. There are flowers suitable for teens such as sunflowers, red and pink roses. There also are fruit rings and weed ones for their enthusiasts.

Cute Maternity Belly Rings

Maternity Navel Rings

As pregnancy progresses, it becomes hard to retain normal jewelry. This is due to the expanding abdominal area. In case you remove the rings without replacing it, the hole might end up closing. It is therefore advisable that you switch to flexible belly button rings during pregnancy rings during pregnancy. These help to retain the piercing and allow for pregnancy flexibility. This way you remain comfortable all through.

There are many shops with different types of navel rings. You can check out CocoBul Body Jewelry, Craigslist and Etsy if you are looking for antique pieces. Choose whichever ring suits your needs, finances and personality. Checking out pictures for the various ring categories in different stores can help in picking the best.

Gold belly button rings

Wearing gold belly button rings adds a classic touch to your midriff. Pure gold tends to be slightly yellow colored. This tends to be most expensive. It is also possible to settle for colored gold. These include white, yellow, red and black gold. For high quality gold rings, you may opt for handcrafted navel jewelry. Though these may be expensive, their quality is guaranteed.

There are different types of belly jewelry made from gold. You can get barbells with gold bars. Captive rings can also be made from gold. The rings can have other combinations. You can have colored or clear gems attached to the rings to create a stunning look. You could also opt for gold with diamond, pearl or rhinestone dangles. In case your skin is sensitive to various metals, using golden rings can solve your problem.

In case you are looking for cheap gold rings, these may be hard to get. You can however settle for gold alloys or gold plated rings. You can get these with as little as ten dollars. Some golden navel jewelry are appropriate for use as initial navel piercing jewelry. Talk to your piercer to get guidance for this. If not used at this point, ensure you wait for the piercing to heal before changing it.

Cheap Belly Button Rings

The initial belly button piercing should be chosen with a lot of caution since it has an effect on how the piercing turns out as well as the healing process. As such, it is advisable to investing high quality jewelry to be used immediately after the piercing. This may come at a higher price but will be worth it in the long run. Some piercers will offer the piercing and initial jewelry as a package. Once the belly button piercing healing process is over, you can change the rings

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There are many cheap belly button rings available in beauty shops. To get the cheapest bargains, you can opt to purchase rings in wholesale. Some designers will offer wholesale packages with different colors at less than a dollar each piece. These can be used in different occasions to achieve different looks.   You can check out online shops such as for such deals. For hand made products, check out Etsy.

It is also possible to don cheap jewelry for pregnant women. These maternity rings should help you retain the piercing throughout the pregnancy without resulting in infections, rejection or migration which are common in pregnancy. The rings come in different materials that are flexible to give room for the expanding belly. The designs vary and could include “baby on board” sign dangles, baby footprint pendants, sparkling gems, baby blanket and stars among others. These will help you keep looking stylish and cute at a minimal cost.

While shopping online for cheap jewelry, it is important to pay attention to the shipping details. Where possible, settle for stores with free shipping on all orders you make to your area. This will help to retain the cheap cost of purchase. Where the sales are not offered with free shipping, the total cost could double or even triple which would beat the logic of buying cheap items.

Dangle Belly Button Rings

Belly button piercings are meant to be showed off. There are many ways to do this using different types of belly rings. The many choices help you to incorporate your personal style to the piercing. This helps you create your own style. The dangle belly button rings are available in different styles. These range from simple to sophisticated jewelry. They are made from different materials suitable for different occasions and seasons. Various stores have a variety of these. Check out Amazon, Etsy or Fresh Trends.

Maternity rings will have relevant dangles. These could be footprints, flowers, ribbons, letters, butterflies or animals. For teenagers, you can draw attention to your pierced belly button using cheap delicate chains suspended on your navel jewelry. You can also settle for gems or bright colors such as sunflower dangles. For a sophisticated look, opt for diamond dangles. The size of the dangle should be appropriate as well as the angle at which it is suspended. Dangles though require caution as they could get caught in things. This could leave your piercing hurt.

Cute Belly Button Rings

Navel rings are fashion accessories mainly meant for women. Traditionally, women would pierce the upper rim of the belly button. With time though, there have been changes in preferences. People are piercing their extended part of the outie belly button and the lower rim as well. As such, not all rings will suit every piercing. For the piercing to hold cute bellybutton rings, the type of piercing has to be put in mind when choosing.

In case you are looking for cute rings of high value, you can settle for precious metals and stones. You can also get unique rings with personalized dangles such as cups, cameras, pens or lips. In case you are an animal lover, get nice rings of your favorites. These could be birds, wild animals, fish and even reptiles, stores have all these suitable for different piercings. For those with sensitive skin, cute rings made from hypoallergenic materials such as titanium are the best. With these there will be no reactions. Reverse rings will look cute on bottom belly button piercings. These different types of rings can be found for sale in stores such as Polyvore, Claire’s and eBay.

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