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Acne: Management and Treatment Options

Acne is a common skin problem, and it affects millions of people around the world at one time or the other. Young teens and people in their early 20’s are prone to acne, owing to the hormonal changes in their body. Managing and curing acne entails active participation of the sufferer. Before we go ahead and shed some light on managing acne successfully, it is important that we get an insight into the causes of acne.

Acne Managment and Treatment Acne

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Medically, acne is known as Acne Vulgaris. Experts believe that one of the main causes of acne is a rise in the androgen (hormone) levels in the body. It has been established that androgen levels increase during the adolescent years. Rising androgen levels cause the growth of oil glands under your skin, which in turn, make the skin oily, thereby aiding the growth of bacteria.

There are certain conditions which can exacerbate acne. Certain face wash products can make the skin. Taking medicines containing corticosteroids and androgens can also cause acne to worsen. Genetics might also have a part to play as according to research, the chances of having severe acne are higher in children whose parents have experienced acne.


Over-the-counter skin creams and gels can provide relief to people with mild form of acne. Most acne creams focus on drying up the excess oil so that it does not aggravate the condition. These creams have benzoyl peroxide and sulfur as the main ingredients.

In case there is no relief after using over-the-counter medications, the next step should be to consult a dermatologist. The dermatologist will do a thorough examination of your problem, and will prescribe the medicines accordingly. It is not uncommon for dermatologists to prescribe antibiotics to reduce the bacteria on the skin.

Laser and light therapies are other options for treating acne. Many experts are of the belief that these procedures are still at their initial stages, and should be used only when other methods of treatment have failed. These therapies are aimed at reducing the oil production from the sebaceous glands. Besides, these therapies have also been found to be successful in reducing the intensity of scars caused due to acne.

Managing Acne

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  • Be gentle with your skin. The inflammation caused by acne tempts you to scratch it, but doing so will only complicate the problem. It is important that you do not touch the affected area as it might spread the acne further. Do not use those products which cause irritation to the skin.
  • Wash the affected area twice every day with a gentle cleanser. It is advisable to wash your face in the morning and evenings. It is important that you know which brand suits you best, which means you will have to check few brands.
  • Apply a thin smear to dry clean skin at bedtime. This will help in keeping the face clean during the night.
  • Avoid using heavy make-up as it can cause inflammation to the skin.

These were few tips on managing acne effectively. As we mentioned before, it is important that you take due care of your face in the fight against acne as medicines alone might not be able to cure it. Managing acne effectively is important for as well. Taking proper care of your face is important and you should put in the effort to keep your skin healthy. We hope this article is informative and beneficial to you.

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