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Our Mission is to provide quality and helpful information to all our readers across the globe. We strive hard to create BeautyHows as a brand that is useful to our visitors; that is why we work hard to ensure we get genuine organic traffic, which only means that we get relevant, meaningful  page views every day.
Today, we boast and can prove that we have an ever-growing audience from high quality traffic, most importantly from the U.S. (over 55%) as well the world over.

BeautyHows currently has over 5000 unique visits and 6 500 pageviews each day with over 70% of our traffic is from the US , United Kingdom , Canada and Australia . We can promise you that this number keeps on swelling by the day. It won’t be long before we prove to you that we are crossing the 10,000+ Visitors Mark Every Day!

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As we grow bigger and bigger, we are already offering affordable ad spaces on our site. By placing ads on BeautyHows, we will help your brand get noticed by people searching for your products – which means you will only get potential leads heading your way!

We have come up with innovative ways of ensuring that the ads we serve on your behalf do not go to waste. Every single view MUST be MEANINGFUL to YOU. So, to achieve this, we came up with 4 plans you can choose from.

1. Banner Ads

Would you like your banners to be featured on BeautyHows?  We offer the best most competitive eCPM and CPC that will bring true value to your investment.  We currently have advertising opportunities on the following sections.

  1. The Sidebar or
  2. The Header

Ad Formats

The ad formats we currently accommodate include:

  • 125×125– Sidebar
  • 300×250 – Sidebar
  • 728×90 – Header
  • 125×125– Sidebar
  • 200×200– Sidebar
  • 160×600 – Sidebar
  • 120×600 – Sidebar

We will provide you with the more information on ad requirements and specification once you have contact us.

2. Author’s Bio with Backlinks

Once you find an article on our site that is related to your products, contact us with an author’s bio so that we can feature you as the author of the article. You will definitely get a link to your site in the author’s bio.

3. Contextual Backlinks

You may also want to get backlinks without having to create an author’s bio. We can feature few of your links in our posts.

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4. Reviews and Articles on Your Business, Products or Services

Yes, reviews and posts about your business or products can be a great way to promote your visitors. We know what good writing means and its magic on readers. We also know what it takes to push an article to page 1 of Google within 2 to 3 months.

If you want an article or review written about your services, business or products, contact us today and we will have it done for you perfectly, and then featured on our site with backlinks pointing to your website or landing pages.

Partner with us today for an affordable value adding advertising opportunity that will improve your business sales, rate of return and profits!

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