Vietnamese Wedding Dishes – Rice, Cognac, Drinks and other Dishes
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Vietnamese Wedding Dishes – Rice, Cognac, Drinks and other Dishes

Traditional wedding are very important in Vietnam. They draw their inspiration from Buddhist and Confucian ideologies. One particular thing you will really enjoy if you attended any of the Vietnamese traditional weddings is the foods and dishes they serve. These dishes, which have been adopted from Chinese delicacies, are unique and mouthwatering, something you have not tasted in any other wedding before. So, how are the Vietnamese wedding dishes?

To begin with, expect to be given dishes which range from 6 to 9 courses where around half of these dishes are seafood. Contrary to the thoughts of many people who attend Vietnamese weddings for the first time who think rice will be among the first food to be served, it is not.

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In fact, you will eat rice towards the end of the meal courses. This is perhaps the sharpest contrast between the ordinary foods you get in Chinese restaurants and what you will have in a Vietnamese wedding. This is done to ensure you first enjoy each of the delicacies they serve in each course before you can eat rice. Beginning with rice might be very overwhelming.

Another rather strange thing about the Vietnamese weddings is the plurality of foods when compared to drinks. Unlike most of the western world weddings where many drinks are served, in Vietnam, expect more food than drinks. Drinks are not a strong part of the Vietnamese wedding dishes. However, you will at least have some drinks, especially water and some soft drinks. One thing that might never miss in any Vietnamese wedding dishes is cognac drink.

Vietnamese hated colonialists. However, unlike other people like the Scotts or Chinese, they are not inventors but consumers or adapters. This can be seen from the various things they have adapted. One thing they adopted from colonialism is cognac drinks, which are a type of brandy.

Typically, you would expect the Vietnamese wedding dishes to go along with beer, wine (such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer or Pinot Blanc) and not the French brandy; they are similar to Chinese dishes. However, you will never miss a cognac bottle on any of the Vietnamese wedding events.  This is something many people who attend Vietnamese weddings find very strange but intriguing as well.

As you enjoy your dishes in a Vietnamese wedding, you will also be entertained by either karaoke system or live band that performs in many wedding. Typically, at least 3 to 5 singers are invited to spike up the various wedding events as visitors are given a chance to sample some of the great meals served during these weddings.

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