Vietnam War Casualties – United States, South Vietnam and North Vietnam Causalities
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Vietnam War Casualties – United States, South Vietnam and North Vietnam Causalities

Vietnam war, which commenced in 1955 and ended in 1975 after the fall of Saigon is one of the fierce civil war that involve a number of countries, the allies of capitalism and South Vietnam against the supporters of communism, North Vietnam and its allies.

The allies of South Vietnam included United States and other countries. After some time, the war spilled to the neighboring countries including Laos and Cambodia. While discussing the casualties of the Vietnam war, we will consider casualties from various nations that participated.

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United States Causalities

During the Vietnam war, the US suffered a total death of 58,292 combatant and non combatant persons, including those that were captured or those went missing. Another 303,664 mainly military personnel were wounded with almost half the amount requiring hospitalization. About 1649 people were missing in action while around 725 to 779 were captured. Of those capture, 660 of them were escaped or were freed while between 65 and 119 died while still in captivity.

South Vietnam and other Allies Causalities

The south Vietnam causalities are estimated to be between 195 to 430,000 civilians died, with between 171,331 and 225,325 military personal dead while 1,170,000 were wounded.  Other allies of the South Vietnam had lesser deaths with New Zealand having 37 dead people and 187 people wounded, South Korea lost 5, 099 while 10,962 were wounded and 4 went missing. Australia lost 500 people while 2,129 were wounded. The last ally that lost people was Thailand, which lost about 351 while 1,358 were wounded.

This brings the total allies that were killed to between 430,538 and 714,564, including those from America. On those who were wounded were about 1,490,000.

North Vietnam and Allies Casualties

For north Vietnam, the Viet Cong and north Vietnamese, they suffered total deaths of between of around to about 1,100,000 deaths of their military personnel. The Soviet Union lost 16 people, the Chinese lost 1,446 while 4,200 were wounded while the Viet Cong lost between 50,000 to 65,000. The total civilians who were killed were between 400,000 and1, 100,000 while those who were wounded were 600,000.

It is not easy to give the exact figures of the total causalities during the Vietnam war. The above figures are simply estimated, except for the American deaths.

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