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Vietnam Newspaper & News Media Guide – Newspaper, TV and Radios in Vietnam

In Vietnam, media is tightly regulated by the Vietnamese government. They serve as the medium for spreading government propaganda as a voice of the leadership to many people that is used to propagate policies and lines of the party.  Aside from that, are going to discuss more on Vietnam newspaper and news media guide, in this article.

One television as a new media, the first TV broadcast was set up by the US in 1960 that had Vietnamese and English channels n Saigon. In 1970, with technical training and assistance from Cuba, Vietnam had its national television, the Vietnam Television, VTV. It is currently the largest television media with 8 channels and operates VCTV, the largest cable TV in Vietnam and DTH, a satellite service. The other broadcast news media include Hanoi TV, and Ho Chi Minh City Television. Hotels, government offices, clubs, organizations (diplomatic) are allowed to install satellite dishes that will allow them to access international news media broadcasts.

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On radio broadcasts, the national radio is voice of Vietnam VOV, which took that national radio status in 1978 after reunification offers quality programming, including news. However, most Cities and Towns in Vietnam also have their own radio stations.

However, the first radio station in Vietnam was allowed in 1945 as prior to this time, people were not allowed to own radio receivers since all the broadcasting was controlled by the French government. VOV’s channels are often repeated on AM, FM, SW (shortwave) and Medium Wave (MW) in not only Vietnam but the rest of the world too.

Finally, on Newspapers, the Vietnam government relies on newspapers to pass its agendas and policies to citizens. This was particularly so when Vietnam leaned towards being a free-market economy. This measure led to doubling of the number of newspapers in Vietnam. Most of the newspapers are printed both in local language (Vietnamese) French, English, among many other languages.

In terms of the specific newspapers and newsprint houses, Nhan Dan, Quan Doi Nhan Dan, Saigon Giai Phong, Thanh Nien, Tien Phong and Tuoi Tre are some of the leading. However, if you if you want  newspapers in Vietnamese, some of the popular newspapers in Vietnamese include Tuoi Tre, Nguoi Lao Dong, Ha noi moi, Sai Gon Giai Phong, Tien Phong among others. For people who read newspapers

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