Islamic Schools and Universities in Cambodia- Curriculum and Growth
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Islamic Schools and Universities in Cambodia- Curriculum and Growth

Majority of the Muslims in Cambodia belong the Cham (Khmer Islam) and Malay. They form a relatively small percentage of the Cambodian people with around 1.6% of the Cambodian being Muslim. This represents about 236,000 people according to Pew Research Center (2009). Their population was much eroded during the reign of Khmer Rouge when their persecution was at is greatest heights.

If you are looking for Islamic Schools and University in Cambodia, you need to know they are not so many owing to the initial hostile political environment towards Muslims. Most of the Muslims often get Islamic education in other countries especially Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, amongst other Islamic nations.

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However, this does not mean there are no Islamic Schools completely. There are a number of Islamic schools, especially in the areas dominated by the Cham, whom majority are Muslims (about 80%). You will also find a number of Islamic schools particularly in Kandal province and the Phnom Penh, the capital city. Some of the other Islamic schools include the Al-Muhajirin Islamic Center and School situated in Sihanoukville province. However, most of the Islamic schools in Cambodia were recently established owing the initially hostile environment that persecuted the Muslim.

On their management, some of these Islamic schools in Cambodia are externally funded from various countries such as Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, among others. For instance, there is the Zakat Selangor offering Cambodian Islamic School Administration courses managed from Malaysia.  Such external contribution are supplemented with contribution from wealthy Cambodian Muslims who want to ensure their children receive quality Islamic education. There are also a few public Islamic schools, which are managed by the Cambodian government.

In terms of curriculum, most of the Islamic schools teach Arabic and Islam. However, since most of the volunteers who work in these schools are from English and French speaking nations, most students also want to learn these languages. The general role of Islamic schools helps in empowering the young Cambodian Muslims and equipping them with relevant knowledge to be able to live responsibly as Muslims and contribute to the countries growth.

To conclude on Islamic schools and university in Cambodia, one association that brings students who are in Islamic schools and university in Cambodia is the Cambodia Muslim Students Association. It works in a number of Muslim organizations in Cambodia and it is sponsored by Muslim Aid based in United Kingdom. The organization fosters the well-being., social and religious matters of Muslim students.

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