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Cambodia Volunteer Opportunities – Health, Teaching, Tour and Travel Opportunities

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, Cambodia should be your number of country of choice. You will never miss Cambodia volunteer opportunities if you would love to give your services to a developing nation that has many tourists attraction destination and people with a rich culture. Whether you need one-year gap, career break or summer vacation, Cambodia is a perfect place to visit. There are many projects based in Phnom Penh, the Cambodia’s lovely capital city, in Siem Reap, the Angkor Wat temples gateway, among many other locations.

On accommodation, the country has ultra modern facilities, amenities and very hospitable people that will make everyone comfortable, irrespective of where you came from if you want to volunteer. Most of the places you will stay will be shared apartments near city centers.  Furthermore, there are many agencies and charitable organizations for volunteers, which will ensure you, are comfortable including making arrangements on where to stay.  So, what are some of the common Cambodia volunteer opportunities include?

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Health Care Sector

One of the common sectors that offers many Cambodia volunteer opportunities is the health care. In this sector, you will work free in various health care institutions, which include physiotherapy, childcare, medical care, orphanages among many others. Some of the areas you should expect to work in includes helping HIV/AIDS orphans or children HIV/AIDS, those with disabilities, street children, among others. You can also decide to work in rehabilitation centers or hospitals where you will provide medical care to the sick people. Depending on the healthcare segment you will end up in, you might be required to have some prior experience that will make you a relevant volunteer especially if you are taking medical and physiotherapy volunteering opportunities.

Teaching Services

If you are in the teaching profession, there are many teaching volunteer opportunities in Cambodia. You could choose to teach in normal schools, orphanages or charity schools. Some of the subjects that are in need of volunteers include English and French. Requirements to volunteer as a language teacher are low. You do not need to have a degree in English for instance. In addition, you could also offer to give other skills like computer skills, pre-school children preparation, among others.

Travel and Tourism

One area you can work as a volunteer in Cambodia is tourism.  Here, you will have a chance to explore the country’s attractions and immense traditions of the Khmers. As you give various services to the tourism industry, you will also have a chance to see beautiful breathtaking sceneries that including the oldest temples, beautiful beaches, landmarks such as Angkor Wat and much more. You can go for elephant trekking, dolphin watching, snorkeling and other activities. As you enjoy, you will be helping in conservation the various attraction destinations, sensitive the public on their important and offer other free services.

It does not matter which profession you are training in or you have trained you, you will get a good place to give you free services. The country needs volunteers from almost every sector ranging from human rights sensitization, conservation projects, IT and other technical areas. All this will go a long way in bettering the lives of many Cambodians, reducing poverty and bettering their living standards.

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