Cambodia Internet Usage and Business Opportunities – Agriculture, Tourism, Commercial and Manufacturing
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Cambodia Internet Usage and Business Opportunities – Agriculture, Tourism, Commercial and Manufacturing

The world is slowly turning to a global village where people can be able to use the various powerful telecommunication services, especially internet to communicate quickly. However, in Cambodia, things are different, as the country still lags behind on internet provision and consequently usage. However on the side of business opportunities, the country doing fairly well and it is attracting many local and foreign entrepreneurs. We are going to discuss about Cambodia internet usage before we can look at business opportunities.

Cambodia Internet Usage

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in South East Asia. This is attributed to many factors, including the 20-year civil war that ruined most of the country’s infrastructure. Currently, the country has approximated 450,000 internet users and this has been rapidly growing from the 78,000 in 2010. This growth has been attributed by the many youths who find the internet as a better way to communicate, and the rise in social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Although the growth is impressive, a lot more needs to be done because when compared to mobile phone usage, which stands at 13 million users, internet usage is still very poor, poorer than African nations where it is expected to be lower.

The low internet usage in Cambodia can blamed on the high costs of accessing internet for many Cambodian citizens as well as the availability of this service.  It was until 1997 that the first commercial internet service provider was established. Secondly, the late release of the Khmer Unicode in 2005 might have affected the internet penetration.  Finally, the majority rural population where there is no electricity and high cost of accessing internet could behind the lag in internet usage.

Business Opportunities in Cambodia

If you are looking for business opportunities, Cambodia is a place to consider. This rapid growing and transforming society offers many business opportunities. There is been much reformation of the judicial and legal system to favor foreign investors and this is attraction investors from all over the world. So, what are some of the best business opportunities you should consider in Cambodia?

First, Cambodia has wealthy and ripe agricultural farms that can be used viably. In all the 24 countries, you will never miss a good opportunity to invest in. Some of the most recommended agricultural related investments include rubber plantations, medium and small-scale biodiesel production, all that are closely related to agriculture.  This sector is still the backbone of the country and you cannot go wrong with it.

Secondly, you can also invest in tourism and hospitality sector. With recent years of political stability, the country is now a hub for many tourists who want to see the wonders of nature and some of the beautiful sceneries and beaches it that it has. You can invest in catering services, hotels, resorts, bars, and vacation rental homes.

These are not the only areas you can invest in Cambodia; there are plenty of business opportunities in all the economic sectors including the manufacturing, business, commercial, real estate, financial services among many others. Furthermore, you can also purchase a business or property as neighboring countries like Thailand have heavily invested in Cambodia.

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