Cambodia English Teaching Jobs, Pay and Qualifications – Why It Is a Land of Opportunities
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Cambodia English Teaching Jobs, Pay and Qualifications – Why It Is a Land of Opportunities

If you are looking for English teaching Jobs, consider going to Cambodia. It is one of the fasted growing English teaching job markets in Asia. After several years of instability, Cambodia is now a very peaceful nation with a thriving economy and many opportunities for English teachers.

Furthermore, the country has optimist citizens composed of mainly young population thirsty of learning English. You will never miss an opportunity to teach English in Cambodia. Most of the people who take the Cambodia English teaching jobs come from all over the world especially from Australia, North America, England and New Zealand.

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One of the reasons why many people prefers Cambodia English teaching jobs is because of the low entry requirements.  There is no bachelor’s degree requirement to teach English. In fact, this is one of the nations were you need not even to be a native English speaker. All you need to be hired to teach English in Cambodia is TESOL Plus or TEFL certification, which requires you to train for two to six months depending on your expertise in English.

If you are seeking for English teaching job in Cambodia, getting a job is very easy since there is a relatively high demand of English teachers. Although most of the interviews will require you to be there in person, they are at times conducted via telephone, Skype or e-mail. To get a job, contact individual schools directly, agencies, and job advertisements online. However, most of the schools do not advertise jobs online.  Once you have gotten the right opportunity, you will be responsible of paying for your own travel expenses and accommodation.

Once you reach Cambodia, you will get plenty of housing for English teachers where you will either live in a house previously vacated by other English teachers or live amongst your colleagues.  The average start-up cost for foreigners seeking for Cambodia English Teaching jobs ranges from $700 to $900, with a living costs ranging from $450 to $600 per month. Most schools will offer you from 20 to 25 hours per week leaving you with a lot of time to travel and do other things.

You definitely will enjoy seeing the various tourists’ attraction destinations such as beautiful islands, landscape, rice paddies, crate lakes that are shining and alluring waterfalls.  Furthermore, the Cambodia people have a rich culture that will thrill everyone as they teach English.

Although by Asian standards the salaries for English teachers are modest, they are worthwhile considering the cost of living is very low. In Major cities like Phnom Penn , (Capital city) you are likely to get better pay. On Average, professional foreign English teachers in Cambodia make around $8 to $25per hour and depending on the school, you are teaching. This translates to monthly salaries that range from $500 to as high as $3000. Other than the plenty opportunities that Cambodia offers, there are also plenty of opportunities in neighboring countries in Asia.

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