Animals with Big Eyes /Large – Fish, Monkey, Cat, Tuna with Big Eyes with Photos
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Animals with Big Eyes /Large – Fish, Monkey, Cat, Tuna with Big Eyes with Photos

Would you like to know something about animals with big eyes? Yes, animals! In this discussion, we have covered a cat with big eye, monkey with big eye and tuna. You will also have some photos of other animals that have big eyes. Enjoy this a bit offbeat topic.

As I was researching on big eyes and large eyes in human being, I got interested about big-eyed animal or animals with big eyes. I had to take some time to write about them too. Big eyes are not only in human beings, there are also many animals that have eyes that are very large, in fact enormous. So what are some of the animals with big eyes?

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Cats with big or Large eyes Devon Rex

Cats have been associated with humans for over 9,500 years. They are also one of the most popular pets ever domesticated by human beings. Of all the cat breeds, one cat with large eyes is the Devon Rex . This strange looking cat looks almost like a dog. It has fewer hairs with are stiffer, waterproof and coarser. Most of its down hairs are curly. Among the most distinguishing things about this big-eyed cat are the very large eyes as well as low-set large eyes too. This cat with big eyes is very attractive, playful and friendly. Furthermore, these cats are very intelligent and can be taught basic tricks like having a walk on a leash or even fetching.

Big Eyed Monkeys – Tarsiers

Monkey with Big Eyes – Tarsiers

If you are looking for a big-eyed monkey, you need to see the eyes of a nocturnal monkey called tarsier. This is a good one to have if you love such pets because it has very big eyes.  To give you more information about this big-eyed monkey, it belongs to the family Tarsiidae. Although they were initially more widespread, they are currently present in Southeast Asia islands. Unlike other monkeys, this monkey with big eyes is the only carnivorous primate that still exists. They depend on mainly insects as well as snakes, lizards and birds.

Big Eyed Tuna – Bigeye Tuna – Fish with Big Eyes

Bigeye Tuna Has big Eyes

Bigeye tuna, scientifically known as Thunnus obesus is a type of tuna that is used as an important source of food as well as recreational or sport fishing. This type of tuna is common in tropical waters. One thing that distinguishes it from the other types of tunas is its extremely large head and big or large eyes. It also has pectoral fins that are very long and weights slightly above 400 pounds. It is found in all temperate and tropical oceans except for Mediterranean Sea.  Another big-eyed fish is the Bigeye scad.

Other Animals with Big Eyes or Large Eyes

We have seen a few of the animals with big eyes. It is time to give you photos of some of the big-eyed animals in animal kingdom.

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To conclude, you need to know that the giant squid , known as colossal squid has the biggest eyes, which is approximated to be around 30cm, bigger than the normal digger plate when this animal is barely 500kg. Its eye lenses are bigger than an orange. I hope you have enjoyed learning about animals with big eyes.

Which animal do you know that has big eyes?

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